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Books and a website...


I would like to recommend two books and a website.

The website used to be called the Women's Nutritional Advisory Service, but is now the Natural Health Advisory Service.

They publish quite a few books, but the two that I've read and can therefore recommend are these:

No More IBS!

No More PMS!

Both books are divided into two sections. The first explains a bit about the health problems from a scientific point of view, and discusses lots of different symptoms which may be associated with IBS or PMS. The second part is basically an eating plan, with lots of recipes and suggestions.

The IBS one is quite extreme - it's a ten-week exclusion diet, where you basically stop eating loads of different foods, and gradually reintroduce things week by week. It's a complete bugger to do, but I found that it really worked for me, and helped to identify which foods were genuinely causing problems.

The PMS one talks a lot about vitamins and supplements, and explains a lot about which supplements you probably need to buy, and which nutrients you're better off getting from your food. You also fill in a lot of charts about when various symptoms occur.

Both books also help with other problems which can affect your general health and well-being, particularly hormonal issues. They don't do a book specifically for PCOS, or for endometriosis (which is something I suffer from), but taking the advice in the PMS book genuinely helped to ease a lot of my endometriosis symptoms as well. I would imagine that the same would be true for PCOS, as it's all about balancing your hormones as much as you possibly can.

My IBS and my hormones have both been playing up a lot recently, and the first thing I did was go back to these two books, to remind myself that there is something that I can do about it.

Also, the recipes are really nice! If you follow the IBS diet strictly you'll spend about a fortnight eating nothing but rice cakes, but it gets a lot better after that. ;)


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