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Hello hello,
Ok, I'm here because I'm trying to not grow beyond a size 18, and to keep myself healthy generally. Also, the whole diabetes (type 1) thing is helped by being in better shape, which helps me stay in better shape, blah blah blah, you see the cycle.

So. Um, yeah. Motivation wise, I did find that once I started doing stuff regularly, it seeems easier and easier, to the extent that I feel wierd when I don't do my little routine. Of course, I started by making my muscles hate me, which was stupid, still, here are the things that I'm trying to keep to at the moment.

15 easy-girl pushups a day (start on all fours, and bring your chest to the floor, that's one, now do 14 more), making it harder by pushing my legs further back if it starts to get easy.

A number of repeats of the bridge thing, where you are on your back, knees bent, straight back, and you gradually lift your hips up, and then back down to the floor, slooooowly. I'm doing these to keep my back strong and recover from an injury, and hopefully, to tone my midriff. I'm sadly addicted, and I like the fact that I can sneak them in to fool myself when I'm feeling lazy...

My other healthy thing is magic fruit, by which I mean the frozen black forest fruist mixes from the supermarket. We always have some in the fridge, and that plus a handul of muesli and some yogurt are my breakfast at the moment, and I'm feeling a bit smug and virtuous. I think it's better for me than my traditional two slices of toast and butter.

So, um, yeah, what are you guys eating for breakfast. What cool and tasty things am I missing out on?


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